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So hurricane Irene is outside fucking shit up, luckily we are some of the few that still have power. Work got canceled for tonight and tomorrow night, so I guess I will be stuck in the house until further notice =___=; I don't know if it's the rain thats making me feel so shitty or if I just genuinely don't feel good but I'm pretty sure that Im going to go ahead and try to get some sleep here in the next hour or so. Man my life is so interesting! 

ps: I really like this picture my roommate took of me. That is all xD


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It’s not that difficult when you’ve got a luck of this kind
We’ve got to take advantage, we’ve got such limited time
Oh I wonder, oh I wonder
How long to take me to die
oh it’s not that interesting
But I’d like to keep it a secret
So I’ll have something left to give

Listening to The Starting Line nonstop all morning, it makes me miss last summer in some sick way.
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Why is it that girls think it's fine to flirt with guys that are taken? Not normal flirting just always taking it too far. ALSO- do you expect me NOT to find out? Jesus christ I'm like the second biggest lurk (only beaten by Meev and always in battle with Kelly for second place) that I know.

*flail rage*

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 :( the past two days I have really missed Dita. Yeah she was just a little piss pot, and way too much to handle in our little greensboro apartment. But I really really miss having her around.
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lemme tell ya'll nukkas what i ate tonight

a porkchop
a whole plate of spanish rice
4 fried plantains
2 turkey empanadas
2 bowls of banana pudding
2 peanut butter brownies
1.5 pieces of peanut butter explosion chocolate cake

dear god, I am so full.
also thank the lord for Anthony's mom being a fantabulous cook.
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 Well it's safe to say that today I officially OD'd on lexapro, for the first time in months. Its really weird being back in that state of mind, no appetite, no emotions, no.. anything? I just felt like sleeping all day. I guess I can see how I wasted away during the summer if this and smoke was all I did. My last few days have gone by in a blur. Wednesday I worked all day, 8:45 to 6. By the time I got home I was exhausted and couldn't do much than lay down and sleep. They had me in the receiving room all day where all the trucks drop off the pallets of books, well it also happens to be that is also the location of the training computer. SO on the coldest windiest day in february the decide to put me back there for 6 hours and only let me work out front for 3 hours, and yes the big receiving doors were open all day. I was miserably cold all day and couldn't focus on a damn thing, but when I got home I got PT's and felt much much better about my life xD Also last night I started making my Valentines day cards, I didn't make a lot this year only some for my roomies, mom/dad/stephen, and meev. Either way whoever is getting one better open it over a counter b/c I put a whole pack of glitter in each one xD hahaha fuckerrssss, happy valentines day. I hope you spend it cleaning up obnoxious glitter off everything you own.

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 My great aunt died today, I didn't realize I would be this affected by it. :( I hate the sense of false security and happiness that I constantly surround myself with. Just a few words can send that fake little world of mine crashing down around me. Why doesn't life have a rewind button?
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rainy rainy day

The rest of last night was really not so interesting. I watched The Golden Compass, which was not a let down but didn't fully fill my expectations. I loved what I saw BUT, there was no ending that could be called remarkable. And since they have the other two movies on indefinite hiatus then I guess thats it for that trilogy when it comes to the movie biz. Anyways, after that I dyed my hair... a little darker than I would have liked but oh well, what's up new black hair. Also, I may or may not have gotten a PT's burger, fries, and lemonade for dinner.... *w*;; oh poor diet-kun. BUT michael carson taught me not to do that by putting me through a grueling 30 minutes of fat burning pain. x____x; so, as of this morning my diet has restarted and I'm bein' forrealziez about it this time.

Speaking of this morning I went and filled out my job application papers at Books a million, I'm stoked on it! That 30% discount is going to be sahhhhweeeetttttt! My first full work day is Sunday from 10 to 6, the shifts are long there but hey, I'm not complaining.. work is work is work is money. So having said all that I think Momo and myself are going to cuddle up and watch/download a movie. This weather is absolute shit and I really doubt I'll be doing anything interesting.
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